About Us

About Us

Real Estate: Building of multi-storey buildings all over Nicosia district, in Cyprus.  Selling of Office space, Apartments and Shops.  Renting Office space, Apartments / Flats  and Shops in Nicosia, Cyprus.  Also renting of empty plots of land on major roads that can be used by entrepreneurs to develop their own business.

Probably the biggest organisation in number of fully furnished & equipped flats in Nicosia intended for rent.

The locks that we are using for the rented flats are Mag-Stripe battery operated and electronically controlled.  On the top part of the electronic lock (above the slot that you enter the card) there exists an LED that light according to the locks condition when you pull out the card from the lock in tree colours: GREEN, RED and ORANGE.

The benefits of the Mag-Stripe key-card Locks are:

  • Certainty of the Tenant that no previous tenant holds a key
  • Log of the last 100 entries
  • Easy to make more key-cards

We are planning soon to upgrade our current Mag-stripe locks to wireless RF Online-Locks. Currently we have three buildings equipped with the RF Online-Locks. This means that the key-cards will not have a magnetic stripe, but a chip insight that will keep all the necessary information. The extra benefits of these altogether new locks will be:

  • No problems with magnetic fields that could cause the Mag-Stripe Card to demagnetize and loose the stored information
  • The Landlord will be informed electronically about the Low Battery condition of the Lock so unpleasant situations in   case the Tenant does not notice it on time will be eliminated
  • Ability to renew or extend the Key-Card use remotely whenever this is necessary
  • Ability to offer locksmith services remotely at a lower than normal charge
  • Several other useful information handled by the Landlord
Entrance Surveillance Camera
At the Main Entrance of every building there is a dome night vision camera that gives the ability to the tenants by just changing their TV channel to the door monitoring channel whenever the door phone rings, to check who is at thee Main Entrance.  This makes it possible to avoid know before answering the door phone who is at the door without even leaving the couch and also ignoring false door rings.  The camera transmits a clear colour picture when there is light at the entrance and a clear black & white picture when it is dark.
Lift Camera:
In the lift there is a dome camera installed monitoring whatever goes on in the lift.  Due to this camera we manage to maintain a tidy and clean lift area since misbehaved users of the lift are caught and penalised.Parking Area Cameras:At the parking area several security dome night vision cameras are installed, thus safeguarding the property of the Tenants.  Cars and people using these reas are monitored and recorded on CCTV Cameras.24/7 Surveillance Cameras:

The security cameras installed are connected to a DVR and all movements are recorded in order if need be to be able to recall on any suspicious incidence that might have occured.

Electronic Appliances:


All the appliances in the rented flats are installed by the Landlord.  This includes the fridge, stove, oven, fun extractor, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher (in some flats) and TV set.  A/C units of hot and cool air are installed in every room.

Furniture and Fittings:
In every flat a set of sofas is (3-seat & 2-seat) are situated in the living room, one centre table, a TV-stand, a dining table with six chairs, a bed and a night table in every bedroom (double or 1 1/2 size bed), shower door for every shower.  Black-out shatters are installeed on every window and glass door.

Parking Area:Every flat has its own dedicated parking place.  Extra parking can be provided at an extra charge of € 30/ month at some buildings.