It is the policy of the Group to co-operate with Real Estate Agencies in order to promote and show the properties of the Group to interested parties.  At the same time though the Group has decided to put in place a specific way of reward for these agents that wish to co-operate with in renting apartments of the Group.  Prices quoted on our website refer to the monthly rent only (common exps, utility bills, garbage collection fees etc. are charged extra).  The reward of the Agent should not exceed the below amount for the specific property type (the lowest between the below amount and the actual rent agreed will account for the reward of the Agent including all taxes or fees):

  1. Studio or 1 Bedroom Flat or Flat intended to be used by a single tenant: €350
  2. 2 Bedrooms Flat: €500
  3. 3 (or more) Bedrooms Flat: €700

Agents should also be aware and inform beforehand all prospective tenants that the Group operates with 3 (three) monthly rents paid upfront; 2 (two) for the flat and the utility bills; as Deposit, and one for the first monthly rent.  It should be made clear to tenants / prospective tenants that in order to book an apartment through us they have to pay the Deposit.  In case they change their mind then at least one full monthly rent is withheld as penalty.

All prices quoted on our website for available properties for rent, refer only to the monthly rental amount (all other costs; common exps, electricity bill, water bill, garbage collection etc. are charged and paid on top of the monthly rent quoted).

We offer a free service to our tenants; bill management, in order to avoid having them wondering around all Utility Providers, registering, paying high deposits and waiting for connection, the moment they move in they will have all requested services and we undertake the burden to pay bills whenever they come and the tenant must pay us these amounts on their monthly due date for rent.

Also it is important to let tenants/prospective tenants know that given that we provide fully furnished and equipped units, whatever we provide is our responsibility to fix or replace in case of malfunction or natural wear and tear.